6 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid in a Big City

There are probably a million articles on what to wear in each big city in the world, and another thousand comes in every time another Fashion Week starts. While they are really useful, because with the passing of time street style hits become clichés, all the “in” things seem to only be targeted towards people who just sit in the front row of the Fashion Week show and their longest walk of the day would be during the break for a coffee on the next corner.

Yes, trendy things are desirable, but not always comfortable in the scene of a big city. So in this battle of heart and brain it’s better to let the latter win, because it will not only save you money, but also time and your favorite pieces. For that, here is a list of things that don’t really belong out there among the skyscrapers, contrary to what you’ve been told.

1. High Heels

Wherever they are, on boots or shoes, high heels are simply inconvenient in the city. They look good and are really good if you’re in the dance zone at the concert and your height isn’t that great. But try to move as fast as the city crowd does while wearing them and you’d probably fall, especially if the pavement is uneven – which is still often. High and thin heels are even worse: imagine getting stuck in a subway gate. Yes, Rihanna was too once, but at least she wasn’t in a rush and came by a car.

If you saw “The Devil Wears Prada”, you remember how Andy frantically got changed from her old unfashionable shoes to new shiny kitten heels after being told off by her boss. Not wearing high heels in the city doesn’t mean you have to abandon them all together or carry a pair of shoes around to change into – you can just stick to a low or medium heel.

Big city mistakes high heels
Sneakers can look as fashionable as high heels, just give it a try. Photo: Courtesy of Julie Sarinana / @Sincerelyjules

2. (Faux) Suede Shoes

I once looked at my friend’s shoes and asked her if they’re suede and if she looks after them. “Well, I’m supposed to”, – she said, – “But I’m too lazy, so they just fall apart at the end of the season”. It was a particularly rainy October, and she wore dyed purple shoes.

If you’re not sure how often and how fast you can take care of your suede, even if it’s not real, when it’s raining, just leave them for a sunny dry Autumn day and get a pair of something more water-resistant.

hunter boots city fashion
Try leather boots or wellintons to keep your feet dry and fashionable on a rainy day. Photo: Courtesy of Hunter Boots / @hunterboots

3. A White coat

Snow, rain, industrial dust, public transport – are you really ready to give a fortune every week to clean your only coat to never see it as white as it was when you bought it? Better leave it for really special occasions and stick to something usual and neutral.

Photo: Courtesy of The Fancy Pants Report
Try slightly darker shades of white or light brown to avoid visiting a dry cleaner on a weekly basis. Photo: Courtesy of The Fancy Pants Report

4. A Really Big Bag

This is very handy when it comes to carrying everything a busy city person needs, but put it aside and you just don’t know how to carry it while walking – it’s too big and heavy to carry on your elbow and it hits your legs if you have it in your arm. Additional straps that usually come with these bags are good, but not used often and can actually harm your posture when the bag is heavy.

It’s better to consider a good backpack for all things your arms will hurt after carrying or a medium bag for everyday use, especially since they’re back this year.

It's all about that small bag these days. Photo: courtesy of Coach @coach
It’s all about that small bag these days. Photo: courtesy of Coach / @coach

5. A Felt Hat

Let’s assume it actually looks good and not like the cliché it became a long while ago. Still, what real usage do felt hats have? To protect you from the sun in a city that is full of shadows because of the tall buildings? Or to protect you from rain – which they can’t because of the material? Besides, you probably own a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen, which are more convenient to carry in your bag than wondering what to do with an enormous hat in order not to crumple it when you realize you actually can’t see anything and it’s too hot.

felt hat fashion trends to avoid in a big city
Photo: Courtesy of Lucy Williams

6. Flip flops

Let ‘s talk about how something that’s supposed to be worn on the beach ended up on the streets. Flip flops are probably one of the most uncomfortable things to wear in the city. You can’t run or even walk fast in it and have to always watch your back when in the crowd so nobody would accidentally step on the soles, leaving you barefoot; and at the end of the day, you need to scrub pavement dust off your feet. Not to mention, you’d probably want to get a pedicure each week not to look like flip flops were the last pair of shoes you managed to find.

The heat doesn’t avoid cities – in fact, this year’s summer was the hottest one for London. Of course, it’s impossible to wear sneakers or Converses in this kind of weather. But the alternatives to breezy flip flops include ballet flats, fishnet loafers, low-cut shoes, sling backs, and Oxfords from a light material – the choice is yours.

cambiami sandals big city fashion
Sandals can easily replace flip flops. Photo: Courtesy of Cambiami / @cambiami

Luckily, we are all free to wear what we want. Sadly, it’s not always comfortable: you may feel and look good in a crop top and shorts, but not until you step outside and it’s winter. The same is dressing for a big city – yes, they all look good and feel comfortable while you’re sitting down, but once you stand and walk, you’ll  wish for things more convenient.


Edited by Chermaine Sowah

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