For The Spice Lover: Must Visit Restaurants in London

The capital has restaurants in abundance and, if anything, Londoners are always spoilt for choice when looking for somewhere to eat. For us spice lovers however, we find ourselves asking the chef for the dishes with the most kick.

Here is a list of some of the restaurants where spice lovers will feel at home

1. Nobu, ££

Known as ‘the world’s sexiest restaurant, Nobu provides guests with an experience that goes beyond just the food. This Japanese restaurant has a menu consisting of the best Japanese dishes made with care and overloading with flavours.

Recommended: Yellowtail sashimi with Jalapeño

spicy food in london
Photo: Courtesy of Nobu
 spicy food in london
Toro Tartar. Photo: Courtesy of Nobu

2. Gilgamesh, £££

Located in the heart of Camden market, this Pan-Asian restaurant provides diners with a high quality experience. It is known not only for the food, but also the amazing setting/space. The main menu provides dishes with amazing flavours, but if you really want that extra kick, their spicy menu has dishes infused with some of the hottest chillies in the world.

Recommended: Anything off the chilli menu

Spicy Food in London
Photo: Courtesy of Gilgamesh

3. Barshu Restaurant, ££

Barshu is a Chinese cuisine, serving authentic dishes from the Sichuan provide in particular. Sichuan chefs are renowned for their ability to create complex flavours and they certainly incorporate it in the Barshu menu. Dishes vary with some being ‘robustly spicy, while others are delicate and teasing’.

Recommended: Fragrant chicken in a pile of chillies

Spicy food in London
Photo: Courtesy of Barshu Restaurant
barshu restaurant spicy food London
Photo: Courtesy of Barshu Restaurant

4. Nandos, £

Nandos is a popular casual dining restaurant amongst Londoners. It’s inspired by a Portuguese flame grilled menu, which serves peri peri chicken and a range of sides. You also get the option of choosing how hot you would like your dish to be. There are also extra sauces (including an extra extra hot sauce) provided if you would like to spice it up even more.

Recommended: The extra hot option.

nandos london spicy food
Photo: Courtesy of @apaali

5. Three little birds, £

This is an authentic Jamaican café, boutique and rum bar rum that provides you with a true feel of all things Jamaican. Caribbean food in general is known for its mouth-watering spices and endless flavours, and this eatery certainly co-signs this. They also serve delicious cocktails.

Recommended: Jerk burger

three little birds spicy food London
Photo: Courtesy of Three Little Birds
Three Little Birds spicy food in london
Photo: Courtesy of Three Little Birds

6. Kokeb£

Kokeb is a family-run restaurant that vowed to keep a very authentic and uncompromising Ethiopian menu. Ethiopian dishes tend to be very generous with their herbs and spices so this restaurant is certainly for those who love the tingling sensation of hot food.

Recommended: Kokeb house special. Allow the chefs to impress you with their own selection.

Edited by Chermaine Sowah

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