the urban watch magazine urbanwatchmag Where new york and london collideThe Urban Watch is an online magazine, aiming to juxtapose the culture, fashion, business, and people of some say the two most vibrant and coolest cities in the world— New York & London. Appealing to urbanites from all over the world, The Urban Watch magazine tells stories from your two ultimate destinations.

After failing to find a single platform that covers both cities, The Urban Watch was founded as a place where not only New Yorkers and Londoners meet, learn, inspire each other, but also where people from elsewhere can get a taste of what is like to live in these metropolitan capitals of the world.

The Urban Watch – Where New York and London Collide. 


Laura Pajuodyte – Co Founder

Laura is an entrepreneur, who thrives off of new ideas. She graduated from Durham University in England with a degree in Business, Economics and Psychology and is pursuing a career in Management Consulting in London. You will most likely see her at the airport on her way to a new travel destination or run into her at a networking event in London. Go ahead and tell her all about your new start up idea, she would love to hear it.

Demi Vitkute – Co Founder

Demi is a writer and a journalist. She is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City and Emerson College in Boston. She loves covering culture, fashion, business or their intersection. Have a story idea? Let her know! Tweet at her or follow on Instagram @demiivit



BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING: Charlie Pendarves, Mayun Kaluthantri, Paris Wood

EDITORS: Briana Arrighi, Chermaine Sowah, Ivy Joseph, Sarah Huntington, Sophie Walker

CONTRIBUTORS: Alice Rich, Cooper Irons, Daisy Sells, Jenny Novitzky, Julia Purcell, Katie Lambert, Marwa Najah, Megan Stott, Nadia Beketova, Prisca Ntumba, Rebecca Thumwood, Rosie Lombardi, Sherif Seda



STYLISTS: Ashley Tanay, Carla Davis

EDITORIAL ASSISTANT: Rafael Ingannamonte

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