Situationist Reveals Zero-Waste Collection During Paris Fashion Week 2022


The contemporary fashion label ‘Situationist’ revealed their Fall/Winter collection at 2022 Paris Fashion Week. Committed to the integrity of their brand identity, the up-and-coming luxury fashion label prides itself on creating every garment as advanced as possible by introducing innovative shapes and textures to each collection.

Founded by Irakli Rusadze,  the brand continues to rise in popularity within the luxury fashion space amongst fashion connoisseurs who enjoy pushing style boundaries.

As the Georgian brand remains fully committed to their zero-waste production, we can expect them to always construct their garments using all reusable materials.

For the first time in the history of the brand, they presented one of the smallest collections to date, priding themselves on their positive carbon footprint. 

Although impressively progressive, the brand faces new challenges as political instabilities and the world health crisis of the past few years have directly affected their business. 

Situationist the label remains hopeful for world peace and for a shift in a positive direction for the fashion community despite tumultuous economic and social climates. 

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To shop the latest collection of blazers, coats, dresses & more, head to the link below:


Edited by Demi Vitkute.


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