10 Fashion Trends That Made a Comeback

It’s not only at fancy dress parties where we can dress up in our best throwback outfits. Some trends are incorporated into our outfits of the day (or night) without us even realizing half the time. Oh, and we haven’t left the guys out of this one!



The choker was a key piece to edge up any outfit during the 90s. There are many variations, from the classic wire choker, to diamanté choker necklaces, chokers with a small pendant, or the simple strip of fabric. Not only this but also the choker connected to your top.

choker trends back this season the urban watch fashion blogger style
Photo: Courtesy of Ruta Gyvyte

The different styles have you spoilt for choice, leaving you with many options to spice up an outfit.

choker trends back this season the urban watch fashion blogger style


Definitely a personal favourite. Its popularity stems from the 80s and you could say that it has been a trend that keeps on going. The skin-tight element of them adds the sexy to any outfit.

It can be pesky finding the perfect fit so it’s recommended to measure yourself accordingly and buy based on that, as apposed to automatically sticking to your usual size.

Styles range from super sexy deep V-necks, to a super basic tank top. Bodysuits/bodices be dressed up with a midi skirt and some barely-there heels, or dressed all the way down with some tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

P.S., for nights out involving a lot of drinking, I would suggest one with the fastening buttons.

bodysuit as a trend back this season in fashion
Photo: Courtesy of @nos.aesthetics


This groovy piece was loved in the 70s and, to be honest, it’s a surprise to see its return. It comes in basic colours, as well as everyone’s psychedelic favourites. Its return has been a short one, but who knows, we may just see it again very soon.

Flated trousers trends this season in fashion
Photo: Credit of Vanessa Simone


Another surprising return. This one was around particularly in the late 90s/early 2000s, and has gone from loved, to criminal, to loved all over again.

Although the concept has returned, it’s definitely worn differently. Now it’s more commonly seen when top and bottom denim are matching colours & textures.

High waist denim jeans, a denim shirt & some heels make for a cute date-night outfit.

denim on denim is back this season fashion trends
Photo: Courtesy of @nos.aesthetics


The off-the-shoulder seems to have boomed in summer 16. Another trend made famous in the 90s.

They can be worn as a sexy off the shoulder bodycon dress. I had to round up with this one as you can find the off-the-shoulder bodice and even the off-the-shoulder choker top or dress.




This trend was particularly evident in the 70s. The touch of fur adds something fancy to any outfit whether you’re in a suit or a top and jeans.

fur-lined-jackets-trends-back-in-fashionBOMBER & BIKER JACKET (50s)

Now you could say the Bomber jacket was most popular in the 90s but it definitely also had its place in the 50s. They come in a range of colours and density. The thick ones definitely come handy in the winter. You can also find them with a nice inner lining, with the most popular ones being fur and orange.

As for the biker leather jacket, for some it reminds them of their dad & for others you’re the coolest guy on earth.



Funny how in school you would get laughed at if the bottom of your trousers didn’t quite touch the ground. The ankle grazer trend goes as far back as the 30s but we are definitely seeing its return.

You don’t even necessarily have to buy ankle grazers. This trend can definitely be done at home by simply folding the bottom of a pair of fitted jeans or trousers.



This feature, noticeable since the 20s, has graced our presence again. Pharrell Williams particularly likes this one (although some of his may be rather extravagant).

Fedora hat are worn mainly with suits but can now be seen paired with much more casual outfits.



A thing of the 80s/90s that’s particularly popular around the summer time. The colours can come as a mix of different tops and bottoms or a patterned colourful tee.

A particular reference/style inspiration for brightly coloured clothing is Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (or anyone on the show for that matter)


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