Designer Andrew Jang of Adriaen Black Donates 370 Custom-Made Coats to Bronx Students

NBA players’ custom suit designer, Andrew Jang, personally invests $440,000 to give local students a VIP clothing experience

Andrew Jang with a student | Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Ever received a free custom-made piece from a well-known designer? Yea, neither have we! NBA Custom suit designer Andrew Jang takes our breath away, not only with his phenomenal designs, but with his contribution towards the community. Along with his passion for fashion, Jang is also dedicated to giving back to the community the best way he can. This winter Jang awarded students from public school 154, with 370 custom- tailored coats from the Adriaen Black clothing line.

Jang spent a total of two days at PS 154, receiving feedback and ideas from students, to make sure every coat design is unique and exactly how students wanted them to be. From style, color and fit all coats were created to match students’ personalities. Jang calls his project “Made to Measure, Made to Love” and has personally invested a total of $440,000 towards this custom kids’ collection.

“I didn’t grow up with much, and I know firsthand what it is like to constantly receive hand-me-downs, rather than a new piece of clothing,” says Jang. “I wanted to give these kids something truly special—winter coats personalized exclusively for them.”

Jang wanted to give these kids an opportunity to call something their own. To add an extra bit of flavor and personality to the designs, each coat will be monogrammed with students’ personal initials.

A custom coat from the Adriaen Black collection would ordinarily retail for as much as $2,000. Jang has big plans for “Made to Measure, Made to Love” future and hopes that by next year instead of 370 exclusive coats he can create 3,700.

“Additionally, I hope that by receiving this gift from me, these students will also feel inspired and empowered to give back themselves. As they grow, perhaps they will donate this coat to someone younger,” he said.

He also plans to broaden the project’s horizon by creating entire wardrobes for students.

For now, Andrew Jang has already begun talks to create custom outfits the students can wear to their college entrance and prospective job interviews. Already, many of his NBA clients have shown interest in getting involved in the initiative.

Photos by Kris Connor/Getty Images

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