How to Club Cool but Stay Hot in NYC

As the hot weather dwindles in New York City, the season of jackets, boots, and scarves begins. For club goers and night-crawlers, the cooler weather can make your favorite mini-dress unwearable for a night out, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth.

Texture is a huge trend this season and we’re betting on lots of fun fabrics to keep you warm. Velvet is a notoriously popular trend right now that is flattering as well as warming. Hundreds of brands offer velvet in some form of another, from jumpsuits to long sleeve rompers or dresses. As the autumn alternative to your sequined summer dress, a velvet ensemble can amp up the glitz and glam of an otherwise bulky winter outfit. Mix textures by layering a velvet outfit underneath a leather jacket for extra warmth and dimension.

velvet and leather jacket fall trends by @maryorton
Photo: Courtesy of @maryorton
velvet and leather jacket fall trends by @jadewithablog
Photo: Courtesy of @jadewithablog

In early fall months, the nighttime cool in New York is enough for a long-sleeved top or long sleeved romper. Bare legs, however, can be just as vulnerable to the chill. Instead of exposing your legs to the city wind, wearing a pair of thigh-high boots looks chic and covers up the goosebumps. The latest trend in high boots is suede thigh-highs—just look Stuart Weitzman’s campaign with Gigi Hadid.

Photo: Courtesy of Stuart Weitzman/ Mario Testino
Photo: Courtesy of Stuart Weitzman/ Mario Testino

Another trend-centered solution is the re-emergence of the jumpsuit. Usually offset with a deep V-neck or a scoop back, brightly colored jumpsuits keep club goers warm while shuffling through the city streets on cool autumn nights. Coupled with a pair of strappy heels, jumpsuits are no longer a 70’s fad—they have been popping up on the red carpet and runway, especially in the A/W season. Like knee-high boots, suede is a popular textured look for jumpsuits, but they also come in more versatile fabrics such as cotton, velvet, and lace. Jumpsuits have the potential to fit and flatter every body shape since they come in hundreds of different styles and shapes. Wide leg jumpsuits with a fitted top are essential for someone looking for movement when they dance, but skinny leg jumpsuits are perfect  for the girl who wants a sleek silhouette.

velvet and leather jacket fall trends by @@90s_amour
Photo: Courtesy of @90s_amour

In the wake of the hipster revolution, layering has made a huge appearance on the streets of New York, mostly during the day. This quick and simple trend is also a money-saver because you can re-use your thin-strapped summer dresses by simply layering them over a long sleeve top. Layering a bright or sequined mini dress over a simple black top with a mock neck brings a chic smoothness to the outfit while keeping you warm outside the bar. 90’s ribbed tops are also back in-style, so layering one of those underneath a silk or lace dress is an edgier option.

Walking the streets of New York is the equivalent of walking a runway, but you don’t need to catch a cold while doing it. Paying attention to trends is key to making any look undergo the elements.

Edited by Brianna Arrighi 

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