Cobbler Concierge Will Repair Your Shoes and Deliver Them to Your Doorstep

"Whether your footwear is too tight, too small or a little big, our cobblers have a way of making shoe dreams a reality". Photo: Courtesy of @cobblerconcierge IG.
“Whether your footwear is too tight, too small or a little big, our cobblers have a way of making shoe dreams a reality.” Photo: Courtesy of @cobblerconcierge IG

Carolyn Blair is the millennial CEO behind Cobbler Concierge, an on demand leather goods repair service that allows users to schedule pickup and delivery from their phone. With Cobbler Concierge, Blair marries the craftsmanship of custom repair services with technology, offering quality shoe repair that can be accessible from anywhere across the country.

“We created Cobbler Concierge to offer consumers, like myself, access to a simple to use, high-quality shoe repair service for getting luxury shoes and leather goods repaired, looking as good as new, and delivered to their front door,” Carolyn Blair said.

Using Cobbler Concierge is simple. First, take a picture of worn shoes (or a bag) with your phone, text the picture and a brief description to SHOES (74637) or place an order online. Next, Cobbler Concierge will send a box to your home with a prepaid label to return damaged items to Cobbler Concierge’s New York headquarters. Once the repairs are completed, Cobbler Concierge will ship your repaired shoes to your doorstep within 7 to 10 days. Repair prices vary according to amount of care needed, with men’s shoes starting at $40 a pair, women’s shoes starting at $15 a pair, and handbags starting at $30 per bag.

“The fact of the matter is that we work with shoes and bags – which are pretty common across all households,” Blair said. “It was a matter of saying, do you have a pair of shoes you love but are nearly ruined? Or, what about that handbag you wear everyday, does that need a new strap? We tend to attract so many different people – from bag collectors to women who treat their heels like a piece of art, to men who will wear their favorite loafers until the soles fall off. It doesn’t matter the label or the profile of the client – our cobblers work with your accessories as if they were their own.”

Blair has plans to continue to build Cobbler Concierge, taking in the lessons she has learned over the first year and a half in business.

“The biggest lesson we learned over the past year is that we should no longer set limits on what we ‘do,’” Blair said. “In fact, we started with shoe and handbag repair for consumers, and we’ve expanded that into special business-to-business opportunities with designer brands that share in our value of quality craftsmanship. We’ve also struck up a partnership with Parson’s School of Design, collaborating with select designers for the final fashion show. In the coming months, we’ll be moving into custom services, growing our at-home product offering and developing our brand presence across social channels.”

“Building the Cobbler Concierge brand and team has been both exciting, and challenging, and I’m excited for the future,” Blair said. “Our first year brought so many opportunities. Now, we’re in a position to develop and nurture strong partnerships as we continue to grow.”


Cobbler HQ. Photo: Courtesy of @cobblerconcierge IG
Cobbler HQ. Photo: Courtesy of @cobblerconcierge IG

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